Wholesale Hair Vendor The Untold Stories Of The Billion Dollar Industry

Are you ready to start a hair company but unsure where to get a trustworthy wholesale hair vendor? This article aims to give you a complete grasp of the industry’s fundamentals and less well-known aspects so you can choose the best hair vendor for your hair company.

Wholesale Hair Vendor – The Truth Of The Billion Dollar Industry

1. Potential of the wholesale hair vendor and hair extension industry

One of the markets with the most promise for now and the future is the market for hair extensions. Hairdressing is one of the numerous new trends in the beauty that are expanding rapidly. Even people with short or thin hair want long, thick hair, not only those who are bald or have hair loss. According to a Final Step Marketing survey, 34% of women frequently use hair extensions as a part of their beauty routine, which is encouraging news for wholesale hair vendors.

Entering in hair market can bring you huge profit

Therefore, if you want to enter this industry, you shouldn’t worry too much because earnings are enormous and customer demand is quite strong, especially if you’re from Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, the US, or the UK. High-demand markets are also simpler to break into. It is effortless to make money if you can choose a reliable and reasonable wholesale hair vendor.

In what percentage of the economy does this industry produce a significant profit?

In reality, 2-3 times the investment may be made by providing wholesale hair vendors in several prospective and famous locations, including South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, and Cameroon. It will be 5–10 times greater if the US, UK, or Russian markets are your target markets.

It is undeniable that wholesale hair vendors will continue to have tremendous financial success in the years to come. So, why are you holding off on entering this field? Call a wholesale hair vendor right now.

2. Top markets where wholesale hair vendors get their supplies

The largest regions in the world for wholesale hair vendors now are Southeast Asian nations and China. Let’s find out more details about these wholesale hair vendors.

2.1. Wholesale hair vendor in Southeast Asian nations:

Southeast Asian nations established their hair extension industries later than other nations like China. The quality of the wholesale hair factories in this area is well regarded, nevertheless.

  • Origin: Hair is gathered only from women in Southeast Asia.
  • Features: mostly smooth, straight black; powerful. This is an inherent characteristic that maintains hair glossy and smooth even after style and colouring
Straight black and smooth Southeast Asian women hair
  • The majority of processing technologies are machining, with precise and reliable operations. As a result, there will be less stock on hand and shipping times will be extended. If you place your purchase early enough, the wholesale hair vendor will still have some stock available. Additionally, these facilities are committed to producing several tons of product each month from these plants while yet being able to meet orders of several hundred kilograms.
  • Price: relatively affordable compared to other locations because of the use of an abundant supply of high-quality hair, which reduces processing and handling costs; and the advantage of inexpensive labour.
  • This region’s political climate is comparatively stable, which facilitates trade and transit.

Therefore, wholesale hair vendors in this area are able to provide the majority of worldwide markets, including those that are demanding like Europe.

2.2. A Chinese wholesale hair vendor

One of the innovators in the hair extension industry is China. In these factories, cutting-edge hair care techniques are employed. One advantage of purchasing from a Chinese wholesale hair vendor has to be emphasized.

  • The bulk of the hair is collected from India, but it also comes from Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma), Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Vietnam, according to hair dealers. Chinese women’s hair is seldom used for hair extensions.
Hair factory in China
  • Features: Because the wholesale hair vendor purchases hair from a variety of sources, the hair’s quality is not consistent and reliable. The quality of the hair will vary with wholesale hair vendors.
  • Processing technology: The majority of Chinese factories use high-tech machinery for production, but a few are still hand-built.
  • Reasonable price ranges from a few dollars for one bundle to $100 for one wig.

Therefore, Chinese wholesale hair vendors are suited for a simple market like Africa where consumers only worry about looks in the short term and do not place a high priority on quality over the long term.

Source: V hair vendor

Wholesale Hair Vendor The Untold Stories Of The Billion Dollar Industry
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